• We are moving to Japan!

    Well, it’s official! We can announce it now.  The Beams family is moving to Japan! I know it sounds crazy and sometimes we can’t get our mind around it, but by the end of June, beginning of July we will be living on the far side of the sea on a tiny island in Japan called Okinawa! We will be leading worship and I (Stephanie) will be doing counseling in an English speaking church on the island called Koza Baptist Church.  This church has great things going and we are excited to join them!

    We have been open to serving internationally, but have never really sensed it was the right time or the right position. When this opportunity came up, we asked God to make it extremely clear if we were suppose to go and He has confirmed it to us over and over. Every light has been green and He continues to work out all of the timing and details.   One huge stress was selling our house, our last 2 houses took a long time to sell and we weren’t looking forward to going through that again! We put our house on the market without a sign in the yard because we hadn’t announced it at church yet and we sold it within 24 hours of putting it on the market! Jason said, ” Well, I guess God wants us to move to Japan!” What a crazy confirmation that we are doing what we need to do!

    The hardest part has been the thought of leaving family and friends! Lake Jackson and Brazos Pointe Fellowship have become home to us!  Though sad, thankfully our family and close friends have been an amazing support to us as we have been seeking God’s will for our lives in Okinawa.  Our partnership with BPF is not over either!  We will be taking what we have learned here and sharing it with the people of Okinawa! We want you all to plan a trip to come see us and we will be back to visit for sure!

    Please be praying for us as we begin this journey! It will be a massive transition for our family and we are praying for peace, for new friendships, for wisdom in starting a new ministry, and a place to live!!! It is super expensive to live in Japan, so please pray that God will provide us a place that we will love to live and can host all of you that are going to come see us!  We will need to find something soon, because all of our stuff will leave on May 23rd and it needs some place to go!

    We love you all and can’t wait to share our adventures with you!  Follow us on our website…www.beamslife.com where you can read more details of our story, see pics of our family and Okinawa and keep up with us on our blog!

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  1. Barb Hooton says:

    HOW EXCITING!!!!!!! I am in awe of how God has confirmed his plans and how exciting is for that leap of faith to take off on them!! Team Hooton will be following your exciting adventures. You know how special you are to us and will always be! Here’s to a vacation in Japan! Blessings, love, and Much continued success as you follow the path where He leads!!!

  2. Wanda Brown says:

    I am so proud for y’all & of y’all as you continue to serve God & follow Him wherever He leads!!!! Love ya always & will keep y’all in my prayers!!!

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